The Week of Iron: Part Four

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

The cybernetic lens has now been filled in. oops!

And now the final pair of my “Legacy” Iron Warriors. We have the original Aspiring Champion/unit leader, along with the Champion/Lord kitbashed from the original metal Iron Warriors Warsmith model, who is still actually available from GW.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

The leader (at present) of the entire motley crew is this guy. As mentioned, the base model is the Iron Warriors Warsmith. The head was removed and replaced with one from the 2nd edition noise marines. The marine’s entire head and visage has become an Iron Skull, reflecting the chapter icon, with the Xenomorph-esque tongue tying in with the copper cabling found across these models. A Fleshmetal Exoskeleton under the current ruleset.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

The left arm comes from an Assault Marine, capped with the metal 2e Iron Warriors Shoulder pad.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

The backpack’s trophy spike comes from a 2e-era Chaos Terminator.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

The right arm of the Warsmith was completely removed. It was replaced with a slightly-dodgy-by-today’s-standards rebuild, made of a Berserker arm and a glove, hand and Hammer from a Chronopia model. The guitar wire cabling was added to help sell it as a powered weapon – a Thunder Hammer of unique fabrication with a rather wicked looking rear spike. In-hand, the hammer and hazard-striped chestplate draw the eye away from the dodgy join. Thankfully, it doesn’t stand out nearly as much in-hand as it does in these photographs.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

The breastplate and bionic legs on the original Aspiring Champion are from the Iron Hands upgrade pack, an excellent source of “official” bionics for any Astartes, and especially so for heavily-augmented Chapters and Legions such as the Iron Warriors. The rest of the model is pretty much stock, excepting the trophy spike that once again comes from a metal Chaos Terminator and the head, which is a Khorne Berserker head with some bionics cut from a SM helmet grafted onto the side. Damn, I missed that lens. I’ll have to paint that in now.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

Like I said, the rest of him is pretty much stock. Well, arms, shoulderpads and backpack, anyway.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

Since taking these photos, I’ve cleaned up the base edging and fixed the odd lens I’ve missed on these and the others in this series. Along with their “red dot” targeters on their weapons. Not that this helps you.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

I took some group shots the other day alongside these. I might hold off posting them and take some new ones today to post tomorrow, now that I’ve touched these guys up. I also re-black-rimmed their bases and darkened the metallics on the bases slightly to help distinguish the metallic models from their metallic flooring, which was another thing I’d missed in my haste to complete them and excitement to photograph them.

Damn you, Enthusiasm!




5 thoughts on “The Week of Iron: Part Four

    • Thanks Alex. I’ve since realised that his head pretty much perfectly represents a Fleshmetal Exoskeleton, which is now an actual thing in the rules. If I ever play something based on the current rules. 😉

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  1. Very nice and the kitbashing seems to be appropriate somehow for Chaos’ answer to Iron Hands … or perhaps (another, possibly better part of me whispers seductively inside my own head) … perhaps Iron Hands are The Imperium’s answer to Iron Warriors? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice miniature. The addition of bionic legs works well with the other guys in the squad. One almost wonders how much human is left of him. Maybe alone his head, further enhanced by implants. It as almost a Ghost in the Shell quality to it, but also a strong “Robocop” theme about identity and loss thereof.


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