More pictures of the Orc

Here I have added more basecoating to the face, arms and bangles as well as some drybrushing of the sand around the rocks. Painting the base rim always makes a figure look neater.

Blurry pic – work done on the face, teeth, bangles, hair. At this point I wasn’t sure if I’d use the existing warpaint (in the end I didn’t).
The rest of the skin re-base coated, base coats on the hammerheads. More work on fingernails, bangles, other little details.
Shading of flesh. Lots of other stuff close to finished.
A final bit of shading and highlighting, some static flock to add some colour to the base, and we’re Finished!


So that’s the process of painting an orc. Exciting, eh?

3 thoughts on “More pictures of the Orc

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