So anyway, what inspired me to start this thing specifically was a thread on f13 about miniatures, specifically IainC’s posts of his Daemon army with links to his blog for the piccies.

To start with, a series of WIP shots showing the progression of a figure. It was only the second figure I’d painted in a couple of years, for a charity auction at work for the Victorian Bushfire Relief, for the fires of Feb 2009.

Anyway, the process of painting this figure was enjoyable, and got me interested in painting again, so I’ll be posting more stuff over time.

The figure itself is a Savage Orc Champion, from Games Workshop. The figure is about 10 years old, which I aquired from a friend when he sold off his Orc army to me, which I then never got around to doing anything with.
Jared had started to paint the flesh, but I preferred to do a complete repaint in my own style. Since this was to be a display figure, I mounted it on a 40mm round resin display base from Back To Base-IX.
To start with, I just removed the tab from the Orc and mounted him to the base with some brass rod.
A mix of black and very dark grey onto the rocky rection of the base.
A couple of layers of drybrushing on the rocks.
And a basecoat for the sand around the rocks.
A wash on the sand…
Basecoat for some of the skin and the rosewood-style club handles.

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